Meet Lavish P, the Indian actor who was already living a king’s life in India, and who then pursued an even better life in the West as a gym teacher. India already knew him as the Rambo of India, and many Indians found that Lavish P had the best body of the country. That was even before he decided to be a full-time body builder.

He started his life of fame when he participated in a music video in the early 2000s, but he made his serious debut when he eventually landed a role in a well known Indian film called Style. India quickly noticed the rising star and the great shape he was in. Everyone in the film industry was impressed by his talent as well as his body. It rivalled many Indian body builders who have been unmatched so far. It didn’t take long before Lavish P took his talents to other parts of the world.

Fame and success always provokes a fair bit of jealousy in people, but they might be able to appreciate Lavish P if they learned how good a guy he is. He loves animals for instance. He loved to have pets ever since he was a child and lived around animals for pretty much his entire life.

Lavish P even lived in the African jungle for a while, where wild animals roam free and where you really have to know what you’re doing in order to survive. For someone who has such a good life, this is quite impressive. It appears that Lavish P lived in nothing but tents and in tribal cultures for over a month. You’ll find that it’s pretty difficult to find another rich and successful person to willingly undergo an experience like this.

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